Dolphins are definitely stars at SeaWorld park from San Antonio, Texas.

The Dolphin Cove is one of the best park’s attractions. If you get the chance to visit the park, you will see a lot of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. They are funny and friendly and they like to show off with their jumps.

At SeaWorld you are allowed see them close and personal; you are allowed to touch them, and assist in their feeding time. So, be sure that you check dolphins feeding times posted at Dolphin Cove when you arrive at the park. Probably the best time to feed the dolphins is when the park opens in the morning. The cove is not very deep – only 6 feet- so you can see them close enough. If you lean over take care not to fall into the water. Not too warm :).

Prices are ok. Definitely worth the money if you are in love with dolphins :). Admission is not included, but is required to participate. It is beter for you to do reservation few days before; you will skip the queue. Keep in mind that if you cancel in less than 24 hours, no refund will be given.

First SeaWorld San Antonio Dolphin Tour. It is only 75$ and you get the chance to walk through SeaWorld Park zoologica area and get up-close with the dolphins. In this tour you will get the chance to touch, feed and interact with them. It is a walking tour and it is recommended for ages 8+. The tickets for kids under 3 are free of charge but they will not be allowed to interact with dolphins. All the children must be accompanied by an adult.

Second, SeaWorld San Antonio Dolphin Encounter. It costs $45. This a 30 minutes program in which you touch, feed and train a dolphin without wetsuit or entering the water. For this program you really need to make a reservation few weeks before. You will get a photo free of charge taken by a photographer that will be available during the program. Anyways, you can take more photos at an additional price. A part of this fee is donated to the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, which supports on-going research and conservation efforts around the world.

Here you have some photos from Aneta‘s interaction with the SeaWorld San Antonio bottlenose dolphins. Hope you will enjoy.

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