If you suffer from anxiety or depression then you might think that a trip to the doctor is the only course of action you can take, but there is an alternative therapy that leaves patients feeling euphoric and intensely joyful – swimming with dolphins!

Yes these happy and playful creatures are so generous with their emotions that they have been studied by the University of Leicester amongst others to note their affects on people with depression. Unsurprisingly during one study into dolphin therapy that was documented by the BBC, demonstrated that volunteers who stopped traditional treatment for depression and swam regularly with dolphins showed much more improved mental health than those who hadn’t.

Dolphins are known to be intelligent and sensitive creatures and this interaction with them helps humans to respond positively and to develop a brighter outlook on life.

Dolphin therapy is widely offered now for both adults and children who suffer from a variety of psychological and physiological illnesses such as Autism, Downs Syndrome, anxiety, MS, etc. Whilst dolphins cannot cure people of their complaints, they can provide long-lasting respite and certainly in the case of children, it’s wonderful to see how they immediately strike up an emotional rapport with the dolphins who treat them gently and sensitively.

Dolphins as Healers

There are plenty of centres worldwide which offer dolphin therapy treatment and there are many positive experiences and reviews of them. Personally we think it is no surprise that these gentle and peaceful marine animals can have such a healing effect on people.

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