Dolphins are usually highly interactive with people and very social to each other. They do live in large groups of 2-40 dolphins, but sometimes they can hang out in groups of hundred and thousands. The large groups could include more than one species that interact well together, species that are able to travel together without competing for food.

Dolphins like to play. They do like to chase each other and play games in which they spin until they get dizzy. They like a lot just being themselves jumping in the water back and forth.
Dolphins care very much about their pod and they aid the sick. But this does not mean they can’t be violent. They often physically abuse or even kill due to sexual rage. Scientists identified that the behavior could show how threatening they are. When they are aggressive, dolphins tend to attack in a direct way. In there is a close relationship they can swim very close to each other or even resting on another dolphin. No need to worry if they approach in an oblique line: it means they are friendly ☺.
Dolphins usually communicate through sounds, especially whistles, but not only. They can use the body language as well to communicate and interact with their pod and humans.

Dolphins are very friendly to humans. In captivity, it is obvious that they create profound relationships with people they work with: trainers, therapists or researchers. In the wild, they will engage contact with human if they do not feel frightened.

Due to the social skills, dolphins are used in therapy of communication diseases as autism, depressions and others. Read more articles about dolphin therapy.

If you like the dolphins, you can get the chance to swim with them. Find more entertainment places where you can swim with dolphins.

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