Gray. Pink. Blue. Black and white.

Now, few words about each of them. We will discuss with pictures most of them.

Black and white is the commerson dolphin. Its’ head is black, with a white throat and body. Its’ dorsal fin is also black.

Gray is the best known dolphin: the bottlenose. The shade of grey might vary among populations; it can be bluish-grey, brownish-grey, or even nearly black, and is often darker grey on the back.

An unusual collor pattern gas the common dolphin. It’s a combination dark gray (the back), yellow or gold (in front(, dirty grey (back), light grey (on each side) in a hourglass pattern.

But the one which is probably the most amazing is the pink dolphin, who lives in the Amazon river.


Image: Eric Rue, Calcasieu Charter Service.

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