Did you know that dolphins could be pink? Yes, they can be. Not only gray, black and white but pink as well.

Pink dolphin is the common name of The Amazon river dolphin (Inia geoffrensis), that lives in Amazon, Orinoco and Araguaia rivers. It is an endangered specie due to pollution according to International Union for Conservation of Nature.

This is the largest dolphin that lives in freshwater: it can reach 5 to 7.9ft, females being usually larger than males. Their weight can reach 98kg (216lb). A little unusual, they are enable to turn their heads 180 degrees thanks to an unfused neck vertebrae. This helps them a lot while swimming through the flooded forests.

There are a lot of beliefs related to their color. Some think that it is pink because of the water they live in :). Other think it is because of the food they eat. Other say it is because they are albino. The truth is that their color is given by their blood vessels!

They have a thin skin and their blood vessels run beneath their skin. That’s why they appear pink. Their color can change when they become happy or nervous – we can say that they blush as humans do :).

Some of them are albino, but they color is still pinky and white. So, in this case it is really hard to say which are albino and which are not.

Image: Eric Rue, Calcasieu Charter Service

There are some legends related to pink dolphins too :). Amazonian traditional beliefs mention the existence of some shapeshifters (called encantados). Their natural form on daytime is dolphin, but at night they transform in humans, seduce people and reproduce. They can be men and women as well. Interested if someone met them :).

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