These days I discovered Dolphin Browser :). I was checking my browsers performance on and I saw for mobiles a 469 score for a beta version of Dolphin.

Of course, couldn’t help myself and I did a bit of research about it.
First feature I was impressed with is: Gesture. Nice to have it :); you can use the gesture for browsing fast on favorite websites.


Dolphin is a browser for Android, iPhone and IPad. It’s motto is: Smart Phone, Clever Browser and I think it does a good job in sustaining this. It has more than 10 million installs on Android now, and a rating at 4.5 from 930967! reviews. I will talk more below about Android features.


Second feature: Sonar. Take care, it’s highly addictive. The idea is that you can use your voice to browse. You can:

– Search: Just say what you want to search for. (Dolphin is integrated with Google search)
– Share: Just say “share”. You need to select before the social applications you would like to share on. Twitter and Facebook are of course on the list :).
– Navigate: Just say browser functions like “new tab” or the name of a website like “BBC.”

For a “secret” list of commands click here.

The third feature I love is Add-ons. Used with Firefox and Chrome I became addicted to add-ons I use regularly. This option of Dolphin helps me keep browsing behaviour almost the same on the phone.

For the other features, I let you check

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